One Fight You’ll Want Your Kids to Join

Solving the Problem of Plastic: Getting Your Kids Involved

If you’re like most people, you’re probably already aware some of the pitfalls of plastic in our society.

  • It's harmful to our planet
  • It can leach harmful chemicals into our food
  • Plastic debris is choking wildlife

But how much do your kids know about the pervasive problem of plastic?

Are they aware of the effects of too much plastic on the planet? What about the impact of their own everyday choices? It’s important to help them see the big picture, too.

National Geographic's Kids vs. Plastic

That’s why we’re excited to share that National Geographic Kids is now reaching out to the next generation as part of its Planet or Plastic? initiative. With interactive games, videos and quizzes, Kids vs. Plastic is perfect for helping your school-aged children embrace an Earth-friendly lifestyle.

Visit Kids vs. Plastic to:

And there’s lots more besides! Your kids are going to like this site—and you’ll appreciate how it can help them better understand your own eco-friendly choices!